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  • Issue #17 coming late April.
  • Issue #16

    Building performance culture, revenue impact calculator, lazy loading images and video, automating performance systems and more.

  • Issue #15

    Front-end Performance Checklist, Safari and Webpack performance upgrades, PerfMatters Conference and more.

  • Issue #14

    Fontastic web performance, async CSS, why performance efforts fail and more.

  • Issue #13

    Realistic performance budgets, new HTTP Archive, the cost of JavaScript and more.

  • Issue #12

    Essential image optimization, web fonts without JavaScript, the cost of ads and more.

  • Issue #11

    The Critical Request, Facebook news feed changes and more.

  • Issue #10

    WebAssembly, base64, preload prefetch and more.

  • Issue #9

    Lighthouse in Chrome Canary, PWA Stats, Article Performance Leaderboard and more.

  • Issue #8

    JavaScript start-up performance, state of global connectivity, data-saving apps and more.

  • Issue #7

    Redesigning browser history, Cloudfront HTTP/2, image metadata and more.

  • Issue #6

    requestIdleCallback, Netflix A/B testing, QUIC Protocol and more.

  • Issue #5

    Important changes to Typekit, UI design, Delta caching and more.

  • Issue #4

    Real world http/2, font loading strategies, image compression and more.

  • Issue #3

    Brotli compression, High performance networking, Mutation Observer tips and more.

  • Issue #2

    #perfmatters poster, AMP project news, Safari 10 and more.

  • Issue #1

    Designing for performance, Chrome 51, JPG compression and more.

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